Walking – poem for NaPoWriMo

So if I were to walk,

just walk, my feet beating

a rhythm on the tarmac,

past the ground in gum,

and the dark stains,

and the shadow of the hedge

that is cut twice a year,

just walk, step by step,

one step and then another,

out of the town, away

from the grey road, onto dirt,

red dirt, brown dirt, black dirt,

my feet sinking a little

into the soft earth,

the good soil, and the grass

clinging just a little

as I brush through it,

and the sweet smell of it,

just walk, one step,

two steps, left, right,

pacing a rhythm,

swinging a rhythm

with my arms,

hearing a rhythm in my head,

and over the curve, to the sand,

soft and dry, and then firm

and then my feet sinking deep,

sole deeper, heel deeper,

would I remember to stop?

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