Empty – NaPoWriMo 4

The photo’s gone, the wall is bare;

the Sacred Heart’s been packed away,

leaving the faintest shadow where

the striped wallpaper didn’t fade,

and the piano’s out of tune,

silently waiting all alone

to be polished up and moved,

make music in another home.

The kitchen smells of nothingness.

It once was filled with cake, and chips,

and family rows, and happiness,

and sugared tea that burned your lips.

All of the things that made this home

are packed away, or lost, or gone.

Day 4 of NaPoWriMo, and we are asked to write a sad poem in simple words. They suggest we might think about writing a sonnet. This is a sonnet rhyme scheme, without any syllable count, and without a volta. A sonnot, maybe?

It’s Open Link night at dVerse tonight, so I’ll link this there, too.


14 thoughts on “Empty – NaPoWriMo 4

  1. “and the piano’s out of tune / silently waiting all alone / to be polished up and moved / make music in another home.” Beautiful descriptions. Really enjoyed this one! 🙂

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  2. Yes, a tinge of sadness midst the emptiness, and the sonnet-mantle. Tis iknteresting how a house, or any space, is influenced by its inhabitants. We have 9 grandchildren. When 6 of them visit on Sundays, our home lights up, hums and struts; minutes after they vacate, we hear an audible sigh of relieved silence.


  3. It’s your turn to make me cry, Sarah. I was especially moved by the out of tune piano ‘silently waiting all alone / to be polished up and moved, / make music in another home’.


  4. “the Sacred Heart’s been packed away”…this says a lot about a life in one line, that and the wallpaper un-faded, I have been in those houses. This is such a good poem, no extravagant language, just detail and observation…JIM

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