Joy is water – poem for NaPoWriMo

Joy, then, is water –

clear water bubbling like a mountain spring –

water that can’t be carried with you,

freezing changes it, and trapping kills it

Consider the movement of water,

the music of water as it tumbles over rocks,

the coolness of water in the heat and dust,

the way it makes the seed unfurl,

the gift of green.

Joy, then, is water,

drink it deeply,

then move on.

Trusting that there

will be another spring

to drink from.

A meditation on a powerful emotion, for NaPoWriMo. It’s the penultimate day.

12 thoughts on “Joy is water – poem for NaPoWriMo

  1. Hi Sarah! Would you allow me to post your poem on my blog along with photos that complement the lines in the verses? I’d be looking out some great images, mostly taken by others and used with their permission. It’d be a few days before I publish. Please let me know if you’re ok with that?


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  3. Your poem trickles and bubbles with watery joy, Sarah – it’s gorgeous! I especially love the liens:
    ‘Consider the movement of water,
    the music of water as it tumbles over rocks’
    so musical!


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