Picnic – haibun for dVerse

We took our lunch outside, and sat under the elder tree. It was in full blossom – the grass was sprinkled with white floret stars, and the scent was heavy on the air. You were missing your sister, newly started at school, and I was trying to create adventures for you.

white stars fill the air

sweet scent of Mother Elder

mother of dreamers

A haibun for Gina at dVerse. Our theme is picnics. I’m trying to keep my prose as tight as possible at the moment.


21 thoughts on “Picnic – haibun for dVerse

  1. the few words conveyed much Sarah, haibun that takes me to the moment and gives me such depth of emotion. the elder tree sets the scene for a time capsule moment


  2. I had to look up Elder tree (being Botanically challenged) and Mother Elder (“The Elder Mother is thought to be the guardian of the elder trees, and it was said, until recent times in various parts of England and Scandinavia that to take wood from the elder tree one would have to ask the Elder Mother first, or else ill luck would befall the woodsman. “). Interesting.
    The reader wonders if this is a mother talking to her child. The scene and aromas were very nice — oh, and the white stars !


  3. Oh your words place me here….the scene and the scent. And I like the idea that the speaker/writer is trying to be helpful and kind to a person who is missing someone.


  4. This is a lovely glimpse into a quiet moment over lunch, Sarah. I love the description of the blossoming elder and the thought of creating adventures to fill the space left by a school-age sister – I never thought of it that way as I was the oldest in our trio of sisters, and my middle sister wasn’t alone for long.


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