Limbo dancing – poem for dVerse

Yes, I’m a limbo dancer –

I’ve got the knack of it.

Watch me, as I dance

the dance of boiling kettle,

hanging out clothes,

turning the key –

and all the while knowing

that the cat that sits

in the box of my chest –

box of rib, and flesh,

and lung, lung most of all –

might be sleeping,

or prowling, or clawing

at the walls that

hold it in.

Yes, I’m a limbo dancer,

always dancing,

always in limbo.

M is guest hosting at dVerse poetics tonight, and our theme is “limbo”.

14 thoughts on “Limbo dancing – poem for dVerse

  1. This sounds sinister to me, the insidious, incipient heart or lung disease, the women who just get on with it, uncomplaining when they know they’ve got something nasty. Makes me think of my uncle Charlie’s wife who hid her breast cancer from him because he was at death’s door with bronchitis. She nursed him back to health then died.


  2. I read it as the desire to dance but instead there are all those chores so the cat remains in limbo – I loved the imagery of the cat in a box – I can see it stretching and clawing and yawning and scratching to get out. Such a creative concept Sarah


  3. Your poem seems to describe a person who has become an automaton, one who has gotten out of touch with what’s going on inside and doesn’t have time to care. I hope the person makes the time, as that inner kitten needs attention. I know my cat starts ramming around the house when I don’t pay attention to her.


  4. This poem reminded me of the old saying ‘A woman’s work is never done’ and, yes, I’ve often felt like a limbo dancer with the bar being lowered to impossibility but I always seem to get under it! NaPoWriMo was like that towards the end! The metaphor of the cat sitting in the box of the chest is powerful – I agree with Jane and Bjorn.


  5. My apologies for replying so late – life and work intruded.

    I especially like “the dance of boiling kettle” .

    Thanks for adding to the Limbo prompt

    ~ M


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