Being watched by rooks.

Hard to feel alone
when you live near rooks -
observed as you leave the house,
walk up the lane,
take in the washing;
watched as you weed
or read
or call the kids in
from the field
behind the house.

They must know
the pattern of our days,
our noisy neighbours -
must mention to each other
that we are busy now,
bustling, hustling,
chatting by the car.
They know our hours,
know when we head home,
stream in, gather
from school and work,
from walking the beach,

they must see
the pathways we carve
in the air around us.

18 thoughts on “Being watched by rooks.

  1. I wonder if we pass for entertainment for them, or if we’re all just various threats and/or food sources. This poem had a tranquil, introspective vibe to it. I dig it. 😊

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  2. it is perfectly clear, from the first line, which poems one wants to finish reading. This is one of those poems. Lovely, original, prompting us to be as curious about it as its subjects are about you! Well done.


  3. Sarah, I reblogged your post, but it printed the entire poem on my site, whereas I always prefer that they go to your site to finish reading the poem so you get the views as well. I think you can set how many lines will be reblogged before they need to go to your site to finish reading. Do you know how to do this, or do you not care? Lovely poem.


      • Thank you for the reblog, Judy, so kind of you. And thank you for your generosity in trying to send people my way! It’s just nice to be read, don’t worry too much about it. x


      • Just occurred to me that you did a screen shot or photo of the poem..right? So there was no way to separate it. I tried including an illustration, but then it erased your poem. At any rate, I did like your poem very much, obviously.


      • I did it on the “verse” block 8n the new WordPress editor. I don’t think I’ll habitually use it. The font isn’t particularly attractive!


  4. I really like this, Sarah. The rooks are fascinating–I suspect we’re less so to them. But they do watch. I’ve read that crows recognize people, and they regard some as friendly and some as not.


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