The thing I fear is the silence:
when the buzzing stops
because there are no more bees –
the belly hum buzz
that dances from nectar to nectar

the silence that falls
when the sun goes down
and the birds quieten

a reminder that there could be
a world without a blackbird
calling tumbling notes
from a sleek throat,
without rook
gently reminding rook
that they are friends,
without skylark promising
joy effortless

and the silence of sea water
grown sluggish
half plastic
holding death afloat
silver belly turned
towards a yellow sky

and the silence of a forest
where every tree
is just a dream.

Anmol (HA) is hosting at dVerse tonight, and asks us to write a poem about the climate crisis.

18 thoughts on “Silence

  1. This silence resounds — the dystopian picture you portray doesn’t seem far-fetched anymore.
    It’s beautiful, serious, hard-hitting and memorable. “silver belly turned/towards a yellow sky” is such a striking image.


  2. It is a frightening silence, and warden us in a species loneliness we have only ourselves to blame for. My parents both died recently, and I thought the growing silence of the times had something to do with that. But I think it is the silence of the centuries to come. Your walk through these silent woods is ghostly and ghastly.


  3. What a terrifying thought, Sarah, silence in a world full of beautiful sounds. I’m going out to the garden to immerse myself in them and try to wipe the image from my head, it’s made me so sad. Tumbling notes of birdsong, tumbling water, tumbling leaves – all the things I love.


  4. Your 3rd stanza is so beautiful and delicate that my heart hurt to read it. You nailed the sentiment of that foreboding silence as well as humanity’s abysmal silence.


  5. Your focus on the auditory is so effective here. Then to add the rest of our deprived senses as nature fades away….such a horrifying thought and reality. The image of the sea water is SO vivid, giving me chills.


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