First landing

The first night in orbit, I dreamt I was the moon. I dreamt that the beings down there – and what would they be? Would they be recognisable as life? – gazed up and saw my face, cold and white and beautiful, and worshipped me.

I didn’t tell the rest of the crew about my dream, but I carried it with me through the days that followed, as we scanned the landscape below us, looking for variations in temperature, in colour; mapping oceans and continents. I carried it with me as I put on my spacesuit and strapped myself into the pod that would take us down there, to see it all for ourselves.

As I stepped from the pod, I looked up. The ship was there, reassuring, glowing. Not a moon, but a new star in an alien sky. Who else had seen it?

My offering for the Prosery prompt at dVerse. I’m hosting there tonight. Our prompt phrase is “I dreamt I was the moon”, from Full Moon by Alice Oswald.

18 thoughts on “First landing

  1. Who else had seen it indeed…UFOs from hidden bases in the moon’s hollow center, God, gods, extinct critters on an extinct sea. Nice space flash fiction.

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  2. I read this first as “you” being human” But the second read it takes on a different perspective if you are visiting earth…


  3. I’m so glad you fixed the link, Sarah, as I was able to read it on Facebook but not via Mr Linky! This is a fabulous flash odyssey. I love the moon’s face ’cold and white and beautiful’ and the idea of being worshipped by the beings below. I also like the contrast between the dream and the ‘reality’ of the exploration, and the glowing spaceship, ‘a new star in an alien sky’. I want to meet your alien!


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