Rook – dizain for dVerse.

Suddenly the rooks rose up together

No reason I could see – no sudden sound,

No swift hawk or lightning change of weather –

For a few moments, they all circled round,

But did they seek the sky, or fear the ground?

Then they broke up, went off in twos and threes,

Companionable birds, shooting the breeze,

Leaving me wondering what I’d just seen:

That swirl of wings, lifting above the trees,

Briefly together, and then flying free.

A second dizain for Rosemary at dVerse.

13 thoughts on “Rook – dizain for dVerse.

  1. That’s something I didn’t realize I’ve noticed before until reading your poem. Birds aren’t always together. Sometimes they fly free. I tend to notice them more when they are all together.


  2. This is certainly in a crow’s nature Sara, as they are companionable birds. There may have been an unseen black cat in the equation… 🙂 Really like this write, eell executed Dizain!


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