Saying goodbye – Prosery for dVerse

That morning we dressed in our finest clothes to say goodbye. Four children – our brightest, bravest, strongest – were leaving us.

My daughter hugged me tightly before she went. I held back my tears. How could I cry when her face was so full of hope? She was going to the City.

Nobody knows what happens there. There are stories – strange, or brilliant, or terrible – but no-one ever leaves, only the blank faced soldiers who come for our children. All we see are the lights in the distance.

That night, I dreamt I was the moon, watching them make their way down stony paths, a trickle of people, joining other, until they made a torrent heading towards the great gates of the city. Like the moon, I could watch them, but I couldn’t call to them. I was trapped in my own silence.

My second piece for the dVerse Prosery prompt. I’m hosting, so I did have advance warning!

12 thoughts on “Saying goodbye – Prosery for dVerse

  1. ‘Saying goodbye’ gave me a clue that there might be tears, even if they were held back. I love the dystopian atmosphere and the tension built by not knowing what would happen to those four children. I love the phrase: ‘until they made a torrent heading towards the great gates of the city’, which gives the reader a sense of the horror and tragedy that remains unspoken and unwritten.

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  2. Sarah, you are on a rrrrooollll! I loved this piece! As mysterious and marvelous as your other one. This should be the opening of a prologue to a novel. I absolutely must know what happens… please write the novel.

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  3. Hmm. That delicious ending line! And I’ve seen three of my six children “off”. My mother’s heart relates!


  4. Wow Sarah – this reads like the opening to a sci fi novel – something along the lines of a Margaret Atwood story. The images you have created here are absolutely haunting.


  5. This is heart wrenching and intriguing. I wonder why the children never return… and I’m afraid of discovering the answer


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