Cool – poem for dVerse

Pastry requires
a cool alchemy

run the tap

the faint throb
of cold fingers
on hard butter

softness of flour

my hands
are always cold

but yours melt

This turned out rather short. I wrote more, and then slashed it mercilessly. A temperature poem for dVerse.

26 thoughts on “Cool – poem for dVerse

  1. LOVE LOVE the shift from a recipe like approach to making pastry, to another person’s hands that always melt ice! Hmmmm….the writer’s love perhaps? Nice take on the post with a shift in temperatrue within the write.


  2. I’m so glad you went for chilly after so many hot poems, Sarah, and the cool description of pastry alchemy is delicious! I love the way you appeal to the sense of touch with the ‘faint throb of cold fingers on hard butter’ and the ‘softness of flour’, and the wonderful twist at the end.


  3. A concealed irony in the rigorous compression, that cold hands in the act of baking are enclosed by hands of fire ignited by something not intimated (intimate?) a casual burn.


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