A weathered bench – an inkling for Misky

The name half worn under the green that’s gathered here

this bench sunned in love and rained in fear

and always facing outwards to the sea

because he loved it here

and I can see him striding out

in wellies, always, coat in winter,

hat in summer – got to protect

that bald patch from the rays,

and the dog that never came the first time

because there are too many smells here –

shit and creatures and the nasal semaphore

of other dogs that come and go –

and then him sitting in this spot,

unscrewing the flask,

taking a deep breath, a lung-clearer,

and always facing out towards the sea.

Just a quick stream of consciousness for Misky, who inspires with a twiglet.


7 thoughts on “A weathered bench – an inkling for Misky

  1. I can picture your gent… I love watching the waves (when I’m able).
    I went to Wisconsin and there’s a high park with some benches where you can watch Lake Michigan.


      • Different parks do that… memory benches. Sometimes there are plaques beneath trees too. Or brick paths with inscriptions in honor of or in memory… I don’t recall though it that particular park bench with the lake view was anything other than just a park bench 🙂


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