Antipsychotics – poem for dVerse

The tablets stop my dreams

he said

and so he stopped the tablets.

who am I,

to deny a man his dreams?

This was a tough, tough prompt for me. I’ve worked with mental illness all my life. I’ve always avoided “mining” it for material, because it seems disrespectful to the people I work with. This little comment has stayed with me for 25 years now. Thank you, Laura, for a challenging dVerse prompt.


12 thoughts on “Antipsychotics – poem for dVerse

  1. I wouldn’t see it as disrespect. It is witnessing — and thereby honoring — what you experience with the people you work with. And a good question in the poem; who decides which madnesses must be vanquished with meds?


  2. It would be difficult for a poet to deny anyone their dreams, and probably too a healer, having been there too in some measure … but what’s the distinction drawn by Jung? He said Joyce the artist dove where Joyce’s daughter could only drown. With the crazed members of my AA fellowship, it’s always take your meds first and then get to a meeting …


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