The poet’s search for imagery – poem for dVerse

I’m looking for an image
that will set the page ablaze –
like petrol thrown
across a formal dining table,
draped in white linen,
set with crystal glasses
and candles burning
in bright candlesticks –

an image that will turn
the whole world over,
like an old carthorse kicking up
his heavy hooves,
tipping the load out,
barrels rolling down
some steep street,
apples bouncing –

or an image that will turn
your face to mine,
will make you think you know me,
even though these marks
scratched on a screen
are all you really see.

Frank asks us to think about imagery for MTB night at dVerse. I generally use a lot of imagery, I think, but being asked to focus on it immediately sent any kind of anything out of my head, so that’s where I started.


17 thoughts on “The poet’s search for imagery – poem for dVerse

  1. Writing is not to know the world or the conflicts or the hullabaloos, but to know there is life out there, and life connected to ours. As CS Lewis was taught by his student’s father in ‘Shadowlands’
    “We read to know we are not alone.”
    We really don’t worship images, we just want to hold and be held. Sarah, your poetry seems so often to get to the central longing of I-Thou so beautifully, and with nice and gentle antithesis in this Ars Poetica. So nice to see you always. 🙂


  2. This is wonderful. I wonder why you didn’t sent it out instead of posting it? Sorry for being nosy! (Well, sort of sorry, but I would love to know your thought process on when to post and when to send to journals).

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    • Well, that’s interesting. You’ve made me go away and think. I’m actually rubbish at sending into journals, partly because I don’t know if anything’s good until I get feedback on it, and this gives me instant feedback ( and I guess instant gratification…but that’s another story…), and I’ve just not really got myself organised. That makes me sound really pathetic, doesn’t it?

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      • No, it sounds like you can start to get ready to send some out! You can always take a handful of favorites from your blog and make those pages private and then send them out.


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