Caterpillar summer

One summer we kept caterpillars – nothing special, the green ones that attack cabbagess. Maybe I got sick of killing them, the green mush between my finger tips. Maybe I thought it would be educational. We kept them in a propagator, fed them cabbage leaves, made sure there was water in there. Not many survived. A lot were attacked by some predator that ate them from the inside. The smell of old cabbage was vile. We persevered.

Finally we had a few chrysalises. We took the clear plastic lid off the propagator, and left the base tray open in the outside toilet over the winter. We forgot about them.

One spring morning, I went out to feed the cat, and opened the door of the outside loo. There were the butterflies, finally hatched – white-winged and fluttering. I called the kids and we admired them, and then let them fly away – to lay more eggs on more cabbages, I guess. To have their moment in the sun.

souls soar in spring
butterflies soak up the sun
green leaves unfurling

Kim is hosting at dVerse tonight, and our haibun theme is insects.

19 thoughts on “Caterpillar summer

  1. I remember doing that when we were little, but we kept ours in jam and pickle jars (without the jam and pickle!). How awful that some were eaten from inside. I love the image of opening the loo door to a cloud of white butterflies, and I love your haiku, Sarah!
    P.S. The link to your post on Mister Linky isn’t working. I got here via your comment.

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  2. Butterflies are beautiful Sarah! Nice haibun. My son just threw out two giant head of cabbage that went bad in his root cellar. I could smell them through the kitchen window.

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  3. We’ve had a plague of cabbage moth this year. I swear they came equipped with shears to get through the fleece and mesh on the cabbage and kale. Sometimes it’s so tempting to stick a finger up at growing organically.

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