Now – poem for dVerse

Use the good china
let your hands linger
on the smooth, cool curves
of each translucent cup

light those candles
wear your prettiest dress
set the table with the silverware
the fragile glasses
you’ve been treasuring
don’t let your pleasures
gather dust

A quadrille for Merrill – the word tonight is “set”. Set off for the dVerse bar, poetry on tap…


24 thoughts on “Now – poem for dVerse

  1. One day I hope to have a set of glasses to go with the china of my choice and some silverware – and they wouldn’t gather dust; I’d invite you all for dinner parties. Nothing in our house matches, except the curtains! I love the idea of letting my hands linger
    ‘on the smooth, cool curves
    of each translucent cup’.

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  2. As a bachelor, I did not have a matching plate or cup. My wife insists on plate sets that match, but we never use her mother’s silverware, because it tarnishes while in wait, and one has to keep cleaning them.

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  3. We had “everyday dishes” and “Sunday dishes” at our house. The Sunday dishes were used only when we had “company”, but that was most Sundays! Nice memories.


  4. I just brought some boxes from the storage room to go through and found some of my grandmother’s china…my friend said, “what are you going to do with it?” Use it, and think of my grandmother each time. (K)

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