Happy families – Pop poem for dVerse

A pop poem for dVerse – Victoria is hosting this month’s form for all, and we’re looking at pop art. I think you can see what I’ve tried to do  here.

Yellow breakfasts in a yellow kitchen sunshine family smiling laughing sunny-side up reaching for the marmalade reaching for the mustard with smiles as bright as bowls of custard we’re so happy in our family sunshine yellow sunshine happy Sky blue mornings made for running round the garden playing with water laughing joking water spraying rainbow making summer skies are always cloudless we’re so happy in our family sky blue happy summer smiling
Grass green afternoons we’re all sorting our recycling teamwork smiling podding peas and stealing some chopping veggies we’re so healthy so delighted with our garden neat and tidy we’re so happy in our family grass green happy garden grinning Warm red evenings on the sofa firelight flickering eating pizza watching movies all plugged in to our devices lots of snuggles cosy cuddles we’re so happy in our family warm red happy turn our faces from reality all we need is this nuclear family

15 thoughts on “Happy families – Pop poem for dVerse

  1. Very clever Sarah, I didn’t pick up the Warhol 4 colour screen print connection initially, but now that you point it out it really adds to the enjoyment of the poem. I particularly like “smiles as bright as bowls of custard” and the red verse with it’s “things may not be as they seem” undercurrent.


  2. Bravo. You absolutely nailed it! So clever and perfect- especially since it tugged just a little at my heartstrings the way ads are designed to do. The manipulation works because some part of is always longing for – what? Safety I think. We are so susceptible, even wiley, jaded, cranky and suspicious as a crone might be.

    Your use of color and mirroring was so intelligent and creative. Andy would have liked it too, I bet.


  3. This took me immediately to that 4-color Marilyn Monroe piece I abhorred … and still do, for that matter. I think Warhol duped a lot of people and had a big laugh at their expense. Your approach was unique and creative.


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