The keep

“I’ll keep you in the keep,” he said,
“I’ll keep you in the keep.”
“The dungeon’s very deep,” he said
“The castle walls are steep,” he said
“You only sit and weep”, he said,
“I’ll keep you in the keep”.

A quadrille for Kim at dVerse. I could  have gone on for hours, or at least until I ran out of “-eep” words – but I’m only allowed 44!

gray and white castle built near a cliff

Photo by Pixabay on

24 thoughts on “The keep

  1. I agree with Bjorn, a sinister quadrille. I hope she has hair like Rapunzel, Sarah,so that she can escape. The repetition of ‘he said’, the rhyme and rhythm remind me of something. At first I thought of Lewis Carroll, but it’s eluding me.


  2. This fairy tale has a dark center and a pounding beat. It really works well when read aloud, the rhymes and refrain heighten the drama.


    • I can’t claim credit for the photo – it was a free one that came up in the WordPress media bit! I just thought the poem looked a bit naked on the page. I don’t usually add images, I like people to have pictures in their head.


  3. It could have been worse. Think, if only 21 words were allowed … 😊 That pit “ain’t so bad”. And, what the heck; running out of it, anyway. Ai think, getting lost is just a manoeuvre. That is French, and not at all English. Or, American. Or, Australian, or whatever. And, those Frenchmen are quite peculiar. And, getting it, they know , for example, what to do, aI believe. Since aI am utterly fond of foreigners. And, aI am Norwegian. So, aI think highly even of the English. It has with standards to do … So are they, lissom.


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