Thank you biscuits

It’s a miserable day. The drive down to the city is messy and difficult – too much rain, too much spray from the road, poor visibility. All the autumn colours are washed out, greyed by the rain.

We take biscuits, shortbread in a fancy tin. I don’t know why we take them today – maybe we’re feeling particularly grateful to the nursing staff who pad gently round the clinic, who are always smiling, who offer comfort and reassurance. They are warmth on this bleak November day.

a red leaf

gold, disregarded

smoke in the air

Frank is taking care of the dVerse bar tonight. Thanksgiving is coming up and we are asked to consider gratitude. 

12 thoughts on “Thank you biscuits

  1. A strong haibun. My take is that this was a trip into the city to see a loved one in a retirement home. The ones I have visited don’t always have your sweet nurses.


  2. What an excellent haibun and a lovely haiku. I am grateful that the nursing aids where my mother was in a nursing home were top drawer, as was the facility itself. They were graded #3 in the entire state. I like that you take cookies to the staff. I used to do that too. They are always so grateful for kindness done.


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