The dream – poem for dVerse

The dream slipped through
my fingers
like wet glass

– sunlight striping the pillow –

leaving me just the feeling
that something strange
and true had happened –

and you were there

there was a bus
or, no, a fish

and a deep colour blue
and a strange, twisted tree
that might have been a cloud,
and birds, or candy canes,
and you

it meant so much

the feeling haunted me
all day
I couldn’t shake it
but I couldn’t name it

Lillian is hosting at dVerse tonight, and we are dreaming dreams.

20 thoughts on “The dream – poem for dVerse

  1. Oh you’ve worked so well here with the haziness of recollection when it comes to dreams…your word choice is perfect for that feeling and wondering:
    “There was a bus
    or no, a fish”
    “that might have been a cloud,
    and birds, or candy canes,”

    Dreams are indeed slippery… the contrast to wet glass.
    Well done….I’m in this haze with you, trying to see the dream…..

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  2. i read your post before the dverse prompt and it spoke to me, I don’t often remember what I dream about as I hardly dream , but when I do I wake up with a feeling I have to write about before it fades, your poem described that feeling with much clarity


  3. I so love the way you write and am glad our paths crossed. The sunlight stripes on the pillow, the fish, the colour blue, the twisted tree…..dreamy and beautiful.

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  4. Everyone has said pretty much what I wanted to say, Sarah. I love the way you captured the dream in short glimpses, short sentences, and that lovely aside: ‘– sunlight striping the pillow –‘, a smattering of reality. The deep blue brings added colour into the surreal dream, and the final lines sum up it up beautifully.


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