Friday – poem for dVerse

Friday sits like a coin in my pocket
whispering to me. What shall I spend it on?
I could buy a kite, or a coffee,
or a pair of shoes. I could spend it all
on a book, or a poem, or a fragment
of something half written,
tossed away on the wind. I could take it out
and polish it in the sunlight,
roll it across a sanded floor,
send it spinning into a wave
crashing onto a shingle shore.
I could take a ride on a bus
to the end of the line,
or buy an apple and biting it
learn what good is, and what’s evil,
I could hold my hand out
to a cunning magpie,
offer my silver as a gift,
sacrifice it to an ancient goddess,
bury it beneath a hawthorn tree,
or I could hide it underneath my pillow,
feel the dull thickness of it as I read,
or I could slide it across the bar,
swap it for whiskey and a comfy chair,
or hoard it up, unused, unspent.
I could wait for moonrise,
show my coin her pearl-faced sister,
or spend it on a rainbow,
or wrap it up in mist,
or trace its outline
on an empty page.

It’s Tuesday, and that means poetics over at dVerse. I’m prompting. Come on over and be wowed.

28 thoughts on “Friday – poem for dVerse

  1. I was born on a Friday, Sarah, and love this poem to bits. I wondered what kind of coin Friday would be – you say ‘offer my silver’ so it could be an old-fashioned sixpence or shilling, or a new-fangled pound coin. I love the things you consider buying with it, especially a kite or a book, and the things you consider doing with it. My favourite is:
    ‘I could hold my hand out
    to a cunning magpie,
    offer my silver as a gift’.
    The final line reminded me of coin-rubbing with a pencil, something I used to do with my granddad.


  2. For me the coin was a silver dollar. Your poem is wonderful, brimming with smiles, chuckles and sunbreaks. This one swells proudly when read aloud.


  3. Ha, my comment disappeared, which is usual on wordpress sites. Will try again. I am wowed already by your wonderful poem, so much so I wrote a response to your prompt. But yours is way better! I LOVE all the images, and the lilting spirit in the lines.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. oh the possibilities of a shiny coin, like a brand new day, the same in so many wonderful ways, you had me skipping and twirling with the words, love, love this so much


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