Missing – poem for Earthweal

What I miss is aliens.

Not aliens, exactly, but the thought of aliens –
descending in their shiny spotless spacecraft,
making first contact and humanity responding –

love and peace? Maybe. A realising
that we’re human, all of us together,
that we’re adrift on this blue spaceship
but we can reach out –

grappling hooks and handshakes –

learn from others, find new ways to live.

I’m missing Captain Kirk.

That clean ideal of boldly going out
into the great unknown,
sharing the best that we can be.

Maybe I miss my own naivety.

Maybe I miss the feeling that we can be better,
that we can all reach out –
all those old cliches, building bridges,
building bigger tables, building love

when all we ever build are walls

and maybe it was never there –
maybe I’m yearning after something that I never had
and never lost.

Maybe it’s angels that I miss
or fair-faced elves, or fairy folk, or something else
to take away the isolation.

I’m struggling here. What changes?
The world, or me? or just TV?
Whatever. I miss you, James T Kirk
and all those heroes, flawed, but reaching
for the stars.

TheEarthwealprompt this week is “solastalgia” – homesickness for a vanishing world. I’m not sure about nostalgia – do we miss the world as it was, or ourselves as we were? Anyhow, this is my musing on it all.

18 thoughts on “Missing – poem for Earthweal

  1. YES! It is the brave-hearted heroes we miss. We are sadly lacking in them, at least in government, these days. I also miss the feeling that life is good and all is well and will be tomorrow and the day after that…….the taking it for granted that we used to do.

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  2. Even though I write a lot of the earthweal prompts, it doesn’t make them any easier for me, either. Is a new language required? Dunno, but the field of possibility is fertile, and your poem presents one of the most difficult and disorienting affects of things solastalgia: We are adrift and homeless from our past, but weirdly too, the future has lost its welcome. What happened to those wild sci-fi dreams? All of them seem to crashed back to earth with the fantasias of progress. What changed? Too many of us, I suppose. Great response to the earthweal challenge. Couple of typos in line 2 and 15.


  3. There was something we have lost… it might have be hope, but I do remember being depressed of the changes in nature already then… so many things we don’t talk about any longer… the ozone hole or acid rain. Sometimes I think we need to be scared to find solutions.


  4. Hi Sarah, I like the central concept here, Captain Kirk as a symbol of hope, a hero to look up to and the inability to believe in his existence any more or that of a suitable replacement!
    A fine poem…JIM


  5. I am with you all the way on this one. It’s perfectly constructed, delicately moody and evocative, and excellent poetry, too, before I go off into my star trek ravings and forget to tell you. My adult son and I have been getting together of an evening and after watching various bloody or depressing dramas, always end with an episode of Star Trek. While you are on that bridge, you know that whatever crisis, whatever war or pestilence or alien insanity happens, it will be resolved to the greatest good. You will never see the hero destroyed for being noble, the stranger despised for being poor, the oppressor condoned as immutable fact and collaborated with. In this particular time, I am not sure how I’d manage without it. ;( Thanks for this.


  6. Exactly! We can miss what we never had if once we dreamed with it and now can dream no more. I like all of the maybes in this poem, the tone of circling the homesickness that is so real and just out of grasp.


    • yes, though maybe i use maybe a little too often. I think it was quite prominent in my last Earthweal offering. I need to be more definite. Anyhow, you absolutely got the idea I was groping towards, so thank you for that.


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