Prosery: between heartbeats.

If I concentrate, I can slip between the molecules in the wall. I can absorb the energy of a bullet, make it my own. There are moments caught between heartbeats when I can stretch time. I’m not sure what that makes me – angel? demon? blessed or cursed?

I’ve always done this: slithered out of my own body, wriggled under the skin of lovers. I have survived car crashes, conflagrations; I’ve sought vengeance: spread my fingers in the rapist’s brain; I’ve sought mayhem – guided the arrow that started the battle.

I have watched everything I love grow old and worn. I’ve moved on and started over a thousand times. I’ve passed through ice and flames. I’m not even sure of my own name now, wouldn’t recognise myself in a mirror – except for my eyes. There are galaxies in there, burning in the darkness. I’m lonely.

Kim is hosting the prosery prompt tonight at dVerse. What’s prosery, I hear you cry? A piece of prose, 144 words, incorporating a line from a poem chosen by the host. Tonight the line is from Louis MacNeice – “there are moments caught between heartbeats”



16 thoughts on “Prosery: between heartbeats.

  1. An amazing piece, Sarah! I love the idea of slipping between the molecules in a wall and stretching time. But alongside the excitement of dodging death is the loneliness. This must be how a vampire feels, outliving everything. My favourite bit: ’wouldn’t recognise myself in a mirror – except for my eyes. There are galaxies in there, burning in the darkness.’


  2. Man, I agree with others that this intriguing tale is so rife with mystery and possible plot lines that it only wets the appetite for more; like all good writing. Immortality would be a lonesome
    destiny for sure.


  3. if i could ahve one super power that would be it, stretching time, you have written a stunning piece of flash, it is full of wonder and possibility and the end is devastatingly beautiful, it is all in the eyes.


  4. This is such a powerful write, Sarah! These words “I’ve sought vengeance: spread my fingers in the rapist’s brain” most especially strike me….and of course, the looking in the mirror and only recognizing the eyes. It’s as if this person has lived through a thousand lives. A really intriguing write.


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