Hope – again

and so I’m not quite giving up on hope

the backs of my hands are scratched
I broke a nail

and I’m still gathering up the shreds
of hope
the broken bits

I’m stitching

I’m no seamstress, and my wonky banner
with its wobbly lettering
is kind of sad and saggy

but I’m carrying it
foolish and fluttering
all the stitches showing
as the sun shines through

Turns out I had more hope in me than I thought. This is for Earthweal and I’m linking it up to dVerse’s Open Link Night. Both good places to hang out.

18 thoughts on “Hope – again

  1. I love that sad and saggy banner, and that you carry it , “foolish and fluttering”, with the sun shining through. Me, too, kiddo. So happy you linked at earthweal. I was waiting to see what you’d write. Smiles.

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  2. Hi Sarah: I’m hosting OLN as you know (although it just closed) and I clicked on your OLN Mr Linky link and it says OOPS: This is embarassing, we can’t find this page etc.
    I’ll try and find your OLN post on your site and see if, because I’m tending pub, I can enter the right URL for it.

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    • Okay….opened OLN again, deleted the link you had that wasn’t working, and added a new link to this page; and then closed OLN again. So you’re now the last poem in Mr Linky for OLN and late readers will be able to find you!
      and PS: there is always hope! LOVE this post!


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