Storms – poem for Earthweal.

The orange space-hopper flew past the kitchen window
and the news showed pictures of a children’s trampoline
stuck on a busy road, as if Ciara’s just a baby storm,
throwing her toys around. And now Storm Dennis puffs
and pants, building out west, and we
are waiting for him, but, you know,
naming these storms personifies them,
turns them into gods, with their own powers.
Volition. As if we’re not responsible –
burning our fossil fuels, shedding our plastics –
we’ve tipped the balance –
we called up these storms,
unleashed them. Made them monsters.

Our Earthwealchallenge this week is to write about storms. I think we may have different storm names in the UK, so feel free to substitute your local storm deity name.

4 thoughts on “Storms – poem for Earthweal.

  1. Funny you write about that trampoline as last week a big wind picked up my neighbour’s trampoline and flung it down onto the road. I like the idea of naming the storms giving them more power – a cool observation and one I hadnt thought of that way before. Yes, we’ve tipped the balance and so far governbments are reacting to crises rather than doing anything to address the problem. Sigh. I wish the world would unite around climate change the way they are over the virus.


  2. Well done, nice spot images to characterize the random violence of big storms. You’re right — personalizing them grants them human will and error … I wish we would name storms after animals going extinct, so that we better connect angry nature with an emptier one … In the US, winter storms are now being named as well–by the weather channel, mainly, the National Weather Service refuses to go along with naming since winter storms often re-form in their courses, have less marked character than a summer hurricane. — Brendan

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