Magic – quadrille for dVerse

We’re fresh out of magic –
used it heedlessly,
thinking there’d be more –
frittered it away
on ball gowns, slippers,
golden apples –
now we need it –
just a pinch
would be enough,
but look –
the jar is empty
and the world is dark.

Linda is hosting at dVerse tonight, and the quadrille word is “magic”.

14 thoughts on “Magic – quadrille for dVerse

  1. Yes, we seem to have hit rock bottom with little hope of a way up. But there is always a little magic, Sarah, tucked away for times like this. I’ve found some in poems I’ve read and good deeds I’ve heard about. Nil deperandum!

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  2. Yes, we used it all so carelessly, with not enough gratitude………this virus may result in the shift in consciousness we need. But I am frustrated by the hordes of people not complying, while front line workers are losing their lives in the battle. Sigh.


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