The door is closed
but the window’s open
and from this shaded room
I see the sunlight
slantwise on the grass,
the flash of celandine,
and I hear the small birds
and the rooks grumbling
and that’s enough
but not enough

De is hosting quadrilles at dVerse, and our word is “close”.


17 thoughts on “lockdown

  1. I like this a lot – a well-drawn painterly picture in the middle section – and the the last couplet’s repetition emphasising being both resolved and unresolved – which is the state we’re in. Also ‘The rooks grumbling’ is a terrific line. We have ravens that mutter and caw and ‘grumble’ all day.


  2. A beautiful write Sarah. I love the juxtaposition of ‘The door is closed
    but the window’s open’ and ‘that’s enough but not enough.’ Hope you and yours are safe and well xxx


  3. I love watching the small birds on my balcony, happy, pecking seed, hopping about among my potted plants – for them, the world is as it ever was. I am happy for them. It is, in many ways, enough, given that in a heartbeat I might not be here at all. I doubt we will ever take normal life for granted again.


  4. Your poem appeals to the senses, Sarah. I love the way you’ve captured light and colour in the lines:
    ‘I see the sunlight
    slantwise on the grass,
    the flash of celandine’
    like a photograph.


  5. I feel the tension in your words of wanting it to be enough but not feeling that it is.
    “and that’s enough
    but not enough”
    A slice of life during these times of the predictable.


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