Song thrush

My friend sent me a song thrush, singing
from an ash tree in the evening light,
singing of spring and new beginnings.
She ground it into dust so fine
and sent it off through space and time –
I listened to it on my phone:
It cheered me when I felt alone.

A Chaucerian stanza forFrank at dVerse – 7 lines, with the rhyme pattern ABABBCC.


7 thoughts on “Song thrush

  1. Your lovely poem sums up the plight of so many people who live in cities and can’t enjoy nature, Sarah. I feel so privileged to live in the middle of nature, to see and listen to birds in our garden. I have no need for a mobile phone, except for when I leave the house for my daily walk, just to be on the safe side. I agree with Eric about the juxtaposition of nature and technology – it has a powerful impact.


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