Bookshelf poem

Walk west –

exploring green lanes –

walk west again –

hidden beaches

secret water

the wild remedy

the places in between.


A poem I found on my bookshelves, for Bjorn at dVerse. 

Let’s give it some flesh:


Then, we could walk west,

exploring green lanes,

lingering. Leaning on gates. 

We will walk west again –

we’ll find hidden beaches

plunge into secret water.

This is the wild remedy

for all hurts, these are

the places in between.


17 thoughts on “Bookshelf poem

  1. Bare bones titles, or fleshed out poetics, both work well for you. I liked “the wild remedy–the places in between” .


  2. I like BOTH, each in a different way. I like the terseness of the first. In the second one, the “we” transforms into an excerpt of a story or dream of hope. Both are wonderful.


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