Sometimes I fly away,
take a perch on a high branch,
a telegraph pole,
look out.

I turn my back
on the messy brood.

Someone’s speaking in halting Italian,
there are wargames and workouts
and sudden bursts of laughter
and the smell of baking
and someone wanders in to chat
and I love it. I’m treasuring these days –
these impossible, improbable,
unexpected days of closeness
that have landed in a time of gentle
distancing. We’re watching movies,
making bread, and talking talking talking.

Sometimes I fly away,
find a high place,
watch the sky.

A poem about solitude in lockdown, for Bjorn at dVerse. 


8 thoughts on “Lockdown/solitude

  1. The opening stanza is so liberating, Sarah, I’m there on the high branch and the telegraph pole! And a little envious of the messy brood and ‘talking talking talking’ – I’m on my own most of the time, was even before the pandemic.


    • I was due to take early retirement at the end of April, but I’ve agreed to stay on an extra month because of the ‘Rona chaos. It’s a joy having the kids around – obviously we’ve had some tricky patches, but overall it’s a privilege to spend this time with my young adults. Normally they’d be off and out, but they’re trapped home with us at the moment. We’ve done a lot of laughing and talking. However, I don’t get much time to just sit and be still. I’m getting up very early to get a space to write in. That’s OK – I’m a morning person anyway – but it’s not what I was expecting!

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  2. It would be nice to have the gift of flight and the time to consider all that surrounds us, but being able to consider, within ourselves, our immediate surroundings is just as important.


  3. I do love all those things we see from a distance… I relate a lot to the baking having started with sourdough I hope to learn something new when I can watch it… my sourdough seems to be alive and wild, and i don’t feel alone at all.


  4. It’s a strange collective solitude, isn’t it? All these solitary activities of “gentle / distancing” conjoined in time apart. Something we are part of yet distant. You contrast the spirit of it so finely.


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