One summer we collected caterpillars,
picked them, green and glistening,
off the cabbage leaves.

We kept them in a glass box
in the shed, and fed them
fat and slow
until they built themselves cocoons.

We left them then,
grey chrysalises, dry and dead,
forgot them over winter.
One morning, bright with spring,
I went into the shed
and found it full
of fragile, fluttering wings

so clear
so beautiful

we set them free.

A poem for Anmol’s last dVerse prompt. I’m sorry that this is his last one – his prompts have been challenging and creative, and I will miss them. As a final flourish, he asks us to write in the awareness that this is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the lgbtq+ community in all its shapes and forms. I’ve chosen to write about transformation, about finding freedom through that transformation. This is for anybody who has had to find themselves.

18 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Beautiful and fragile as a butterfly, Sarah, I love this poem of transformation, from the childhood nature study to setting them free. That’s the way we should all be.


  2. Such elegant writing, Sarah! I love this process of transformation and the freedom that awaits at the end of it. This is beautiful, sincere, and empathetic. I will surely be coming back for more of your poems. 🙂


  3. The line that stood out to me was “forgot them over winter”. Despite their fragility, they survived, alone and still found their wings. Sad but true for so many who are judged.


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