Rook’s not my mother –

she has her own chicks to rear
to raise in the way of the
long feather
beak thrust
throat call
crowd muster

rook’s not my friend
she has her own companions

rook sees me
wide striding
earth bound
leaf plucking
not predator
not prey

she cocks her head
eyes me up
rises easy
flaps away

A rook poem, for the dVerse Open Link Night – hosted by Mish this week – and for earthweal, where Sherry is holding the fort.

19 thoughts on “Rook’s not my mother –

  1. A fabulous corvid poem, Sarah! I love all the thought that โ€˜she has her own chicks to rearโ€™ and the list of how to raise them, and I adore the kennings โ€“ rooks are ancient birds and they suit them. And what an apt ending!


  2. I love this Sarah, I can just picture the rook eyeing you up before she flaps away (you might enjoy the last image in my contribution tonight) ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You include much midst stark brevity, and bare bones poetics, lapsing into verse shorthand, where a plethora of possibilities lurk between the lines; nice read.


  4. So wonderfully written with brevity and a perfect meter/rhythm to immerse into when reading. I love this so much, itโ€™s beautiful writing. โค๏ธ


  5. A thought- provoking poem, Sarah. I find it so fascinating that nature all around us is thriving while we, the supposed superior ones, are hunkered down and our life is upside down. Perhaps it’s how nature has felt for quite some time as we desecrated their homes and food sources.


  6. Nice. I love how much you pack in your selection of words. I could almost ‘see’ the rook and you, the relationship is clear. Your ending is great.


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