Birthday haibun

I had a lockdown birthday – like, what, a quarter of the population? More, now. I had a birthday of supermarket chocolates and flowers, of home-made cards and second-hand candles, of Zoomed-in love. It wasn’t the birthday I planned, but it was OK. It was more than OK. It was wonderful.

roses fade
green chrysanthemum
lives on

A birthday haibun for Kim at dVerse. Cake by my daughter!

15 thoughts on “Birthday haibun

  1. Last month, I did the lockdown birthday too; thank goodness there is skype, iphone and FB messenger to augment visits and good wishes.


  2. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. It’s hard these days, especially for those not being able to see loved ones in person. I had a lockdown birthday as well and I have to say, it was one of the best birthdays I had in years.

    Quite a lovely haiku as well; I adore the inclusion of nature in it, indicative of the season. It makes me think of summer for some reason. Anyway, this is a fantastic take on the prompt! Very well written and well done.


  3. We take joy in what we are given, however modest and adaptive. We are still here, alive, and living. Everything else is the icing on top. Happy Birthday! Your cake is pretty wonderful!


  4. I’m glad you wrote about your lockdown birthday, Sarah – we needed a topical one! I love the home-made cards and Zoomed-in love, and the seasonal bouquet haiku is lovely. Your daughter makes a fabulous cake, too!


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