Look out of the window

August is a dull month in this garden,
just marking time – the fade
between the flowers and the fruit

but that one corner’s still alight –
West Cork – the fuchsia and montbretia,
the red and orange, sudden shocks of fire

bright in the soft, sea-light,
rain coming in from the south-west
and the grass drabbed by summer

Peter Frankis is our host at dVerse tonight. This is the view from my window, and a poem to go with it. 

21 thoughts on “Look out of the window

  1. Oh, this is a wonderful piece. I absolutely love the photo you provided. ❤

    "but that one corner’s still alight –
    West Cork – the fuchsia and montbretia,
    the red and orange, sudden shocks of fire…"

    This stanza really stood out to me, especially with the imagery of fire. That warmth I can feel through those colors and description of those majestic plants. It's captivating and stunning. What an excellent take on the prompt. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. You had me at “the fade between the flowers and the fruit.” I agree with Lucy that your photo is splendid, with excellent capture, geometrics, and composition. You create visually a neighborhood of historical magic.

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  3. Like others, I love the view out your window – and you’ve captured it so well in this clever piece – I like how the view rises in the second stanza to the last brilliance of sun and fuchsia blooms and ‘…the grass drabbed by summer’ is a fantastic line – (and a wonderful verb) – which reinforces the sense of late summer ennui in this view. Super write.


  4. What a lovely view out of your window. I admire how you captured the August changes from out of your window, specially flowers with “sudden shocks of fire”.


  5. The photo immediately looked familiar, homely. The stone houses, the fields, the green, could be Yorkshire or West Cork 🙂 I like drabbed by August too, though there are degrees of ‘drab’. This is pretty low on the scale, I’d say, looks glorious.


      • I don’t have a proper garden, just a band of 1-2′ around the house but there are roses nasturtiums, belle de jour, passion flower, honeysuckle, lavender and hibiscus in flower. If they can stand the Saharan conditions you ought to be blooming! I think nasturtiums and one of my favourites. They seem indestructible.


  6. A lovely view of your green garden and the winding lane, Sarah. August is indeed a dull month, we only have fading orange lilies, montbretia, and apples. I love the thought of marking time until the blaze of autumn colour and ‘the fade between the flowers and the fruit’.

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  7. That reminds me, I need to do my annual writing about why August is such a bust. More wine please, as I whine.
    I love that photo. What a scene! You penned a wonderful poem, but the photo is a winner. Well done.

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  8. Such a good word and picture combo. I really like this. Where I live montbretia is classified as a noxious weed. We are legally obliged to pull it out. Which I do, then put I it in a vase.

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