Writer’s block

I have

no words

to give you

the moon sucked them from my lips

the wind blew them from my throat

the jackdaw flapped away with them

each cloud stole a syllable or two

so that now

it’s raining


Lillian is hosting atdVersetonight. It’s Open Link Night.



21 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. I love the comparisons to writer’s block and nature. That is very creative and innovative to see being explicated in a poem. The last three lines, I think, are about overcoming the writer’s block? It seems that way, especially with the sources of nature and life (the moon, the wind) stealing the words, and then giving them back to the writer.

    This is such a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing! ❤


  2. Oh bravo! This is so succinct and yet so full of visual and feelings that so many of us who take to the pen and pixel word know well. An ode writer’s block so wistfully penned.


  3. There are many ways of seeing and describing writer’s block, Sarah. It sounds like a lump of concrete, but you have transformed it into something airy, natural and beautiful. I especially love the image of the moon sucking words from a writer’s lips, almost a vampiric kiss, but giving them back in rain – and, of course, the jackdaw!


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