Going down to the bay

It’s just a short hike from the car, and then a scramble down the cliff path. It’s slippery, and overgrown – you have to clutch at branches to help you down, and you have to take it easy. There are the traces of old steps, and a place where someone’s set a rope to help you. Keep going. Be careful.

The bay itself faces due west, and curves like a hug. It’s a beach of rounded stones, mostly grey, some with quartz lines running through them. Today there are seals watching us curiously, sleek and shiny in the water. We stretch and breathe.

land creatures
drawn to the blue water
seal looks back

A haibun for Frank at dVerse


19 thoughts on “Going down to the bay

  1. Beautifully written, and your haiku is so breathtaking and refreshing. It’s a hike worth the risk, it sounds like. Such a vivid scene entwined in your words through fantastic imagery.


  2. Lovely evocation of descending to the bay. Smiling at the seals. They reminded me of Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘At the Fishhouses’ where the poet sings Baptist hymns to the seal who can’t quite look away, but stays ‘as if it were against his better judgment’.


  3. The first paragraph is so familiar as it’s like much of the British coastline, and then the second paragraph blew me away – what a view. We don’t have bays in Norfolk, so this was a treat. I love that it ‘curves like a hug’. But we do have seals, which are a joy to watch.


  4. Oh I am right there with you! It’s true, right. Sometimes the going down can be a real scrambling, hanging on to protruding branches etc to keep one’s footing. You’ve described it so well. “The bay itself faces due west, and curves like a hug” and how I love this line!
    I enjoyed this very much! The description of the seals reminds me of watching the seals last February from the La Jolla, CA coast. They are shiny indeed as they come out of the water. Sadly, because of Covid, I think we will not be able to return to CA for our Jan and Feb traditional getaway from Boston’s winter. No flying for us. It will be the first time in about 7 years that we will have to weather the winter here. Since we do not own a car, (walk to the grocery, post office etc) I’m hopeful the snow will stay away this year! We’ve been 5 years in Bermuda and 2 years in CA….the plan was to return to San Diego….Covid has boshed that. 😦


    • Oh definitely. There was one that came in really close to shore. There were people there with dogs, and one small black dog was going into the water and looking at the seal, and the seal was looking at the dog. The seal came up close to us while we were swimming. One of our friends is a strong ocean swimmer. He went out quite far (further than I would dare go) and with the sunlight reflecting on the water and the movement of the waves, it was hard to tell which was man and which was seal at times.

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