The eavesdroppers

Rook eavesdrops on our conversation,
a black shape, rising when he’s heard the news,
dipping across the field, finding his gang –
and me, I eavesdrop on his chattering,
the calls from branch to branch,
wondering what news he shares,
what mockery, what love?

A quadrille for Kim at dVerse. Our word is “eavesdropper”.

19 thoughts on “The eavesdroppers

  1. Wonderful two-sided eavesdropping going on in your quadrille, Sarah! I love the image of the rook ‘rising when he’s heard the news, / dipping across the field, finding his gang. There’s been a lot of corvid chattering around here lately, magpies, rooks and crows. It’s the sound of autumn.


  2. It’s so intriguing listening to the birds chatter, wondering what secrets they hide, and you’ve created that sense of intrigue so well. I also love the fact that the rook is the one who begins the eavesdropping!


  3. Beautiful and brilliant. What do they hear from us? What do we hear from them? Such in depth exploration in this poem about what we take from nature and what we give back to it. Beautifully penned!


  4. Such lovely eavesdropping! I eavesdrop on the four blue jays who come for seed all thru the day – so tame they come even when I am sitting right there – one of them has a special yodel to let me know when the sunflower seeds run out.

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