In the moonlight

The children are brought to her for judgement. As ever, she takes them into her home for a month. As ever, they are a little in awe of her silver hair, her black cane.

By day, she feeds them, teaches them the names and scents of herbs, how to keep silent, to move in the shadows.

Now, these two sleep, huddled together in their dreams. They sleep with the moonlight slanting across their faces. She sits beside them all night, until the first rays of the sun fall across the bedroom floor. There’s no sign of change.

She sighs. They’re obedient, sweet-natured, bright – but no good to the pack. They are merely children, untouched by moonlight. The pack won’t keep them. They’ll be sent to the city, to walk hand in hand on stony pavements and forget the forest.

Merril is hosting at dVerse tonight. It’s prosery night – 144 words of flash fiction, incorporating a quotation chosen by our host. Tonight the quotation is:

In their dreams

they sleep with the moon.”–From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River”

17 thoughts on “In the moonlight

  1. Some are designed for the wild places and some for the lines of the city streets. Your story makes me wonder how those in the pack navigate their world together. Very mystical aura surrounding your words, Sarah.

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  2. There’s a hint of fairy tale in your story, Sarah, perhaps Handel and Gretel, especially the way they sleep, huddled together in their dreams. only the ‘witch’ is a kind one, a wise woman who teaches the children how to survive. I absolutely love it! But it’s so sad to think of them being sent to the city, ‘to walk hand in hand on stony pavements and forget the forest’.

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