Sky blue blue sky

I suckle on the sky –
drink it like Kool-Aid,
until my belly swells
full with
the blue of it –
the blue that seeps
into my fingertips,
my lips,
my hair,
until I piss blue,
sigh blue,
weep blue,
until I float,

The inimitable Whimsygizmo is hosting at dVerse tonight. We’re quadrilling, and our word is “sky”.

28 thoughts on “Sky blue blue sky

  1. I LOVE this. Each detail and how you structured it is divine.

    “the blue that seeps
    into my fingertips,
    my lips,
    my hair,
    until I piss blue…” <– This made me laugh. Quite an image! It hits the point home for sure. A beautiful and lovely piece.


  2. Love the double meaning of blue here…the color of the sky but it’s mood is blue…weeping, crying…and then the details one by one, how the blue is seeping in to the person’s fingertips, lips etc…that feeling of sadness that can build. Wonderful take on the word here!


  3. Reminds me of the little girl, Veruca Salt, in Roald Dahl’s, “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator” (aka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) On the other hand, to become part of the sky sounds like a wonderful place to be.


  4. I love the idea of suckling on the sky. Sarah; I hope it doesn’t taste like any kind of ‘aid’, but more like fruit – blueberries perhaps. I also love the repetition of ‘blue’, it saturates your quadrille, and the way the meaning changes until it disappears.


  5. As if the rest of the poem didn’t already rock, I love your closing: “..float, fade, disappear”. A perfectly airy finale to a skyfully beautiful work. Well done.


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