Beacons and battlements –
they build your churches
in high places, with long views.

I think we need you now,
warrior and angel, defender,
I think it’s time
to take a stand

in the heights,
to look out across the sea
and guide us home.

I’m linking this to earthweal’s Michaelmas challenge, and to dVerse’s vatic voice challenge, hosted by Lisa. There are lots of St Michael’s churches around here – always on high ground. Mounts, hills, and headlands.

14 thoughts on “Michaelmas

  1. Decades ago I wrote about the division between Manannan, the primal sea god, and St. Michael, the Christianized warrior archangel. I think the god of this vatic prayer and Michaelmas poem is the former. May we be saved by the whales bigger older brother … – Brendan

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  2. Your plea is valid, Sarah. When I think of a parent watching a toddler get closer and closer to a cliff, the parent is neglectful, bordering on abusive to let them get anywhere close enough to fall.


  3. Warriors and angels to guide us home. Oh yes, and we seem to be in short supply. Perhaps we are reaping a collective karma in these times. A wonderful poem.


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