Hold me

Weave me a blanket
of moonlight and mist,
of sea-fret and sunbeams,
to wrap me and rock me
and soothe me to sleep.
Fill me a pillow
with starlight and shadows,
with snowflakes and whispers,
to coze me and doze me.
Good night.

A little quadrille for an autumn evening. Merril is hosting at dVerse tonight, and our word is “blanket”.


23 thoughts on “Hold me

  1. This is so incredibly beautiful, Sarah! The poem fills the lungs with much needed calm on a cold October day. 💝 I needed this 🙂


  2. It feels wrong reading this lovely night-time quadrille first thing in the morning, Sarah! It has that magical lullaby lyricality. I love the blanket of ‘moonlight and mist, / of sea-fret and sunbeams’, the sibilance of ‘snowflakes and whispers’, and the internal rhyme in ‘coze me and doze me’.


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