The Storyteller speaks.

When we look at him through the wrong end of the telescope of time, what will we see? A lazy, luxury loving coward? No – I can’t allow that. History will see a brave and handsome prince who sacrificed himself for his people. And her? A square-jawed, argumentative woman? No, a fragile flower who takes the throne after her brother’s death in battle.

I make the stories, and the stories become truth. I bend things a little here, twist them there: our last queen was rescued from a tower by the king. That’s a good story that became history. Everyone knows it.

I invented it.

I don’t care about the kingdom, or the king, or the princess. I only care about the story. The prince will die in battle, his sister will become queen, and future generations will weep to hear it. Fetch my pen. 

Kim is hosting prosery at dVerse tonight. A story told in 144 words, including a quotation: “We look at him through the wrong end of the telescope of time”.

24 thoughts on “The Storyteller speaks.

  1. The last line made me chuckle a bit. But, this is really true. I feel like this is how myths are created. No one wants to hear about the reality, I think most of us like to engage in the fantasy. It’s something more memorable than the truth, and you utilized this cleverly as a major theme. Excellence!

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  2. I love the perspective of this piece, Sarah, a first-person narrator who is indeed a storyteller with a twist! I wonder how many stories did become history and if the pen really is mightier than the sword.


  3. kaykuala
    Love your kneading through the typical way to start, Sarah. You really bring in the sequence of process notes in the making of poems. Most of us go through it that way. ‘What the heck…and we just keep writing, factual accuracy aside. Wonderful write Ma’am, enjoyed it!



  4. THEE story teller…..I invent it. Fetch me my pen. This is the storyteller supreme who creates the tales and makes them come true in peoples’ minds. Well done! Loved it!


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