Grown up – quadrille for dVerse

My muck magnet
mud splattered
puddle stomping
jam smeared
crumb dropping
sticky fingered
paint splashing
pen scrawling
finger printing
juice spilling
smart shirted
svelte suited
shiny shoed
smooth socked
slick haired
sparkly smiling
sweet scented
freshly shampooed
softly spoken
smooth talking

A quadrille is a 44 word poem. We write them at dVerse. De is hosting tonight, and our magic word is “magnet”.


46 thoughts on “Grown up – quadrille for dVerse

  1. Ohhhhhhh! I simply adore this. Such a wonderful take on the prompt. “muck magnet” is perfection, and the spill of this is divine. My son is nearly 19, so we’re in the middle of this journey, too. ❤


  2. Oh this is so beautiful! 💝 The quadrille melts my heart as I seek to experience through your eyes the gradual transformation of boy to man. I especially love; “finger printing juice spilling
    boy became smart shirted svelte suited.”💝


  3. Very cool read, Sarah. Your ordering of adjectives and your fine alliteration add to the outstanding rhythm of this piece, not to mention the fine development of character. Salute.


  4. Wow, I enjoyed this evolution of boy to man in 44 words! The terseness of lines and active adjectives was perfect for the journey. As a mom to two sons, I can relate.


  5. The acceleration from boy to man in this poem is breathtaking: especially as I still have my youngest at the muck-magnet stage, and my oldest is somewhere in between. Blink and you miss it!


  6. I love the progression in this wonderful quadrille, Sarah, which reminds me of that old Pepsi advert – a Kenning ode (with tons of alliteration and rhyme in only 44 words) to your best boy! I also love that the word ‘boy’ is the fulcrum and man is the full stop at the end of the poem.


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