Day 1: Advent

Advent is here. Its cello-wind notes
close the concert of the year. There are
flurries of snow at night, the tracks of a fox,
imprints of birds that vanished before dawn.
In this new world, the north-wind numbs
to the bone; a crimson-breasted robin plays alone.
This holly wreath is sharp, its leaves
lustrous. In the street, trussed-up walkers
stoop to and from the town’s limits
like hunched Lowry figures. Sun sets
polar blue in mid-afternoon.

It’s wonderful to have Matthew M. C. Smith kicking off this Advent Calendar of poetry.

Matthew M. C. Smith is a writer for Swansea. He loves winter Christmas and wants to write more festive poetry. Matthew has just edited Black Bough poetry’s Christmas and Winter edition, available on Amazon.

If you are looking for a book of poems that sums up this time of year, you should slip this into your stocking. It’s beautiful.

14 thoughts on “Day 1: Advent

  1. Thank you for including this one, Sarah, it’s a great start to the advent calendar, and thanks to Matt for writing it. What a beautiful metaphor, ‘Its cello-wind notes / close the concert of the year’. I wonder what melody it’s playing – suppose it depends on how one feels about the end of the year. No humans in the first stanza, just tracks of ‘tracks of a fox, imprints of birds’ and a lone robin, so peaceful and picture perfect. I like how the tone changes in the second stanza, with the sharpness of the holly wreath and the ‘trussed-up walkers’.


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