The beavers

The beavers are beavering, dammit.
They are doing their thing: gnawing,
logging, building, damming. That’s
what they do. The beavers are beavering,
changing the landscape, creating pools
and slowing flows. Suddenly there
are dragonflies and clean water,
and the sharpened pencil stumps
of trees, because the beavers
are beavering, dammit, doing
their beaver thing. Beavering.

Beavers are a native British species, absent for 400 years, but now making a comeback. Down our way, they are (ironically) living on the River Otter. I know. They’ve been their since 2008, they are breeding, and they are making a difference both on the ecology of the river, and on local flood risk. All good. You can read more about it here, if you’re interested.

This is for Sherry at earthweal, who asks us to think about how eco-systems fit together.

9 thoughts on “The beavers

  1. I love your poem and the diligent beavers. When I lived in the valley, there was a pond I went to where one morning Pup and I heard the very loud slap of a beaver tail on the surface of the pond. They built vast dams there.


  2. I saw a tv program about those British beavers a few years ago. It’s great to know they have survived and are thriving. I love your poem – humour with a deeper message.


  3. I love all this beavering, and that they’re making a comeback (and the River Otter). 😀
    We have them in NJ, but I haven’t seen them. They were nearly wiped out in North America, too, because beaver pelts were so valued.


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