Day 2: Finger of Light

iron earth so cold
sugar-touched rusted bracken
frosted grass splinters

reel towards the sun once more
draw light into darkened vales

foreshadowed healing
sacred flesh, innocent blood
divinity’s touch

belief and faith glow prayer-like
candle flame searing the night

grey stone archway frames
arrow-like finger of light
piercing this dark heart

© Freya Pickard 2020

Freya Pickard is the Author of The Kaerling series, an epic fantasy set in the world of Nirunen. She writes mainly fantasy tales, with some poetry thrown in. She has published 14 e-books and 6 paperbacks and finds her inspiration in the ocean, beautifully written books and vinyl music. She blogs at and

It’s a joy to have Freya here. She curates beautiful collections of haiku on a regular basis – worth looking out for. If you enjoyed this tanka-haiku-reverse tanka you might like to check out her latest fantasy novel:

The Day of Weird – volumes one to three of The Kaerling

Pursued by villagers for angering the gods, Otta seeks to evade capture whilst following the Unicorn’s Trail.

“This is the gritty version of what a Western setting of Avatar the Last Airbender would look like.” X Mankum

Otta must deal with the dark side of her character and the memory loss of her twin, as the influence of the foreign ambassadors, the kaerlings, becomes more pronounced. The god’s commands must be obeyed and Otta finds herself on the southern plains before the true meaning of the Unicorn’s Trail is revealed. The Day of Weird is a paperback containing the first three volumes of The Kaerling which are also available as separate e-books: Silver Fire, Ambassador and An Ancient Song.

Purchase link:

17 thoughts on “Day 2: Finger of Light

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  2. I love the iced imagery of winter here ‘sugar-touched rusted bracken’ – wow! I also love how you conclude with ‘piercing this dark heart.’ This time of year can feel dark and without hope but somehow light manages to break through.


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