Day 6: Polyester

Slippered feet on the stone hearth,
feeling the glow. Across our street,
the sky rested on rooftops, heavy,
full of a solstice harvest, hanging.
I was drowning in heat, like a Christmas
pudding drenched in brandy. Then I heard
a sizzle, a crunch, felt fire
licking my hair, hugging my back.
Before I was engulfed by fear
and flames, she threw me on the floor,
rolled me in the mat,
brandy-snapped and smoke-smothered.
Christmas morning, the clouds were bright and empty.
Among the presents was a dressing gown
as white as snow, folded neatly, ribbon-bowed, and labelled
one hundred percent brushed cotton.

Gaynor Kane lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She came to writing late in life, after finishing her
Open University BA(Hons) degree with a creative writing module in 2015. Mainly a writer of poetry,
she has had work published in journals and anthologies in the UK, Ireland and America. In 2018,
Hedgehog Poetry Press launched their Stickleback series with her micro-collection ‘Circling the Sun’,
which is about some of the early women pilots. Gaynor released her chapbook ‘Memory Forest’, also
from Hedgehog Press, in December 2019. It is a thematically tight collection about burial rituals and
last wishes. She has just released her debut full collection, Venus in Pink Marble, also published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press. She received an
Arts Council NI grant in 2019, which allowed her writing time, mentoring and editing services.
Gaynor is a member of Holywood Writers Group, The Irish Writers Centre and Women Aloud NI.

You can contact Gaynor on Twitter @gaynorkane and read more about her full collection on her website

12 thoughts on “Day 6: Polyester

  1. This poem packs a double punch: a terrifying Christmas experience and the delight a new cotton dressing gown can bring. I remember wearing a polyester dressing gown many years ago. Such a clever contrast in:
    ‘I was drowning in heat, like a Christmas
    pudding drenched in brandy’
    ‘brandy-snapped and smoke-smothered’.


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