Day 7: Each One

After presents, after the meal, a walk
in the woods. Four adults and four children,
five to ten, reluctant to leave new toys behind.

Yet sticks and rocks whet imagination;
a stream crossing requires strategy;
spontaneous gamecraft arises outside a screen.

Young cousins conspire in creating fun,
play evanescent games of their own making,
making the gifts of the day seem a waste.

And to hear the youngest not just not complain,
but crest a rise and reflexively exclaim
over a snow-tinged scene, gratifies the adults

like the glimpse of a deer bounding away,
a fleeting feeling we would love to encounter
every ordinary day, as if each one were a gift.

A gift of a poem from Devon Marsh.

Devon Marsh served as a U.S. Navy pilot before a career in banking. The only course he ever dropped in college was an elective on poetry. His poems have appeared in The LakePoydras ReviewThe Timberline ReviewMuddy River ReviewBlack Bough PoetrySplit Rock ReviewRiver Mouth Review, and other journals; short fiction in Into the Ruins; and an essay in periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics. A novella, How I Know, and a memoir he compiled for his father, Never a Hero, are available on Amazon. Devon lives in the North Carolina piedmont.

You can find more of his work here:

9 thoughts on “Day 7: Each One

  1. A beautiful scene, a walk in the woods, that takes the reader along. I like the shift from the reluctance to leave new toys to the fun in sticks, rocks and a stream, and the wonder of the ‘snow-tinged scene’. A ‘fleeting feeling’ also sums up Christmas Day.


  2. This poem is a gift, compressed to elegance, a walking narrative, clear flow, bestowal at the button. Such venturing in woods is — or should be — natural as breath. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. ‘spontaneous gamecraft arises outside a screen’ – both children and parents need more of these moments! And ‘each ordinary day’ really is a gift, even if we don’t realise it.


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