Day 22: Remembering the Lights

Winter holds its secrets tightly bound and buried deep
in frozen ground where daffodils sleep, waiting,

I remember the light, shining bright, on those nights,
the moon’s silver midnight shimmer, glimmering

above, where candles had flamed, enframed
in windowpanes, as my heart, proclaimed

miracles happen, here and there. So stark
the season’s dark, but for the glow and gleaming

of sparkly lights and menorahs beaming, latkes, mulled wine–
symbols and signs of wonders, staying

in memory, like spring bulbs weighing when to bloom
and then do, flowering to lift winter’s gloom.

Merril D. Smith is a historian and poet who writes from southern New Jersey. She’s had poems and short fiction published recently in Black Bough Poetry, Anti-Heroin Chic, Twist in Time, Nightingale and Sparrow, and Wellington Street Review. Web site: Twitter: @merril_mds Instagram: mdsmithnj

34 thoughts on “Day 22: Remembering the Lights

  1. This is not just a poem about Hanukkah, it is about hope and warmth in a season that ‘holds its secrets tightly bound and buried deep in frozen ground’. There is so much light in this poem it glows: with moonlight, candles, sparkly lights and menorahs’; and it warms the heart and soul with latkes and mulled wine, something to keep us going until spring bulbs bloom.

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  3. I only read a few lines of this before I recognised Merril. Something about the end and internal rhymes and near rhymes, and the overall rhythm. Yes, you have captured the essence of these winter celebrations. It’s all about light. Thank you!

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  4. Wonderful, Merril, and I agree with Jane, Dake, and Jill! Your poetry always holds light and hope. On a more secular note, it also reminds me of living in the country where the season’s dark would be truly stark but the lights in windows would indeed glow and gleam. I loved driving back roads in winter at night, just to see those lighted windows.

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  5. I love the central metaphor of the daffodils beneath the ground in winter and how they know when the time is right to start reaching for the light once again. It will always be there. The light of a new day is always a miracle to me.

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  6. I adore Merril’s poetry!
    She’s so very talented. I know she feels fortunate to be included in your Advent Calendar.
    I think you are both fortunate!

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