Day 23: Peering into the Kitchen

It’s Christmas Eve and the kitchen is a mess
everything crusted with flour as more pastry is made
because someone has eaten all the mince pies already.

The jelly stuffed full of rum soaked sponges has finally set
providing a foundation for our Christmas Trifle
and the Christmas Cake has been iced
with red rocketships rather than holly.

Meanwhile someone is melting dark chocolate
to make a Yule Log the way Grandad used to
and not looking guilty at all.

I smile and close the door on my adult sons as
their chocolate fuelled laughter resounds in my ears.
Christmas is finally here!

I think we all know that feeling. The moment when Christmas really starts! This is from Kim.. Kim Whysall-Hammond is a Londoner living in a small country town in Southern England. An expert in obsolete telecommunications, Kim believes, against all evidence, that she is a good dancer. She has been published by Silver Birch Press, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Amaryllis, Total Eclipse, Fourth and Sycamore, London Grip and Crannóg among others. You can find her and more poetry at


24 thoughts on “Day 23: Peering into the Kitchen

  1. Kim, you are so lucky to have kids home for Christmas. I miss the days when i had my own place and they would all come home. Enjoy every moment!


  2. From one ex-Londoner Kim to another, this is just delicious! I feel like I’ve just walked in the door and can smell all that Christmas spirit. Who cares if the kitchen’s in a mess? I love the Christmas cake iced with red rocketships. rather than holly and ‘chocolate fuelled laughter’.

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